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Yoga and Dance Classes

Yoga & Dance classes for adults held in Caterham, Surrey

The Hummingbird Studio and teacher Karen Cadogan are accredited by:

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Treehouse Yoga

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Experience the beauty of spirit in movement & stillness

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We are based in the heart of Caterham. Yoga classes are offered in Vinyasa Flow, a smooth linking sequence of positions, co-ordinated with the use of breath. Through this practise, experience the harmonious connection between the body, mind and spirit, whilst bringing a sense of tranquillity and wellbeing into the present moment.

Our Dance classes explore self-expression through the joy of movement with music. Develop your strength and flexibility, refresh your mind, feel revitalised and release those “feel good” endorphins! We are excited to announce that we now offer Silver Swans® classes! Taught by our licensed teachers, our ballet classes designed for over-55s keep you fit and active.


All levels are welcome!


Yoga and dance

Come and experience a class with a teacher who understands movement from different perspectives. Be it yoga or dance, a holistic and interactive approach is taken to encompass all aspects of the person. In yoga, you are encouraged to practise at your own pace, with a choice of suitable adaptations given when appropriate. Dance classes can be taken purely for recreational enjoyment or for those who have a keen interest in the subject and wish to develop their skills.


Karen has a holistic and integrative approach which encompasses all aspects of the person, a respect for their uniqueness. Whether you are a yogi, a dancer or beginner, her experience & skills to help you find the movement practice that is right for you. Experience the magic & medicine of movement, there is a practice that is right for everyone!

Lynne, Yoga Student

"Karen is an amazing teacher. She’s very calming and gracious to her students, sensing everyone’s emotional state, tailoring to our needs"


Private yoga classes

A personalised class gives choice and flexibility. Enjoy the benefit of individual attention and the convenience of practising in your own time. Learn the basics, or deepen your existing practice in a comfortable environment. Focus on new targets with a programme suited to your area of interest, tailored to suit individual goals.

One to one sessions are available in person or online, for bookings and further information, please get in touch.

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Karen Cadogan

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Hello, I’m Karen Cadogan, Founder of The Hummingbird Studio.


My background as a dancer enriches my approach to classes, with creativity, expression and an appreciation of the individual within a group. I have a broad range of experience in teaching various ages and abilities. In Yoga, from beginners to the more advanced and in Dance, from recreational & vocational students to professionals.


I also practise Mindfulness and Reiki. Exposure to these aspects has enhanced my ability to connect intuitively, and create an environment where everyone can flourish in a happy, vibrant community.

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